Free Fall 10000 Feets!!!

Who has never dreamed of the total freedom of flight without any other assistance, except from their own body?
This dream is now a reality and within anybody's reach!

Accompanied by a professional instructor with thousands of jumps behind him, you can enjoy one of the most memorable moments of a lifetime.
After a short briefing about the exit from the aircraft, control in freefall and the landing, you will take off for a 20 minute flight to 10.000 feet: Securely attached to a qualified instructor, you will jump and taste almost 1 minute of amazing freefall at 200 km/h!!
After the instructor opens the parachute at 4.000 ft, by no means has the experience ended. You can then enjoy 5-8 minutes of flight with the parachute open. The final landing is made in the same area that you took off from where your friends and family will be waiting to greet you.

Jump with Handycam

In which you will be recorded from the camera HD that your tandem instructor carries. After you land, he will give you an edited DVD of your jump, along with some captures.

Jump with a Cameraman

Where a professional cameraman will jump along with you and your tandem instructor and will record your jump in HD and give you the best high definition photos.